The Youth Committee

The Committee for Youth Programming (Established in 1997)

青少年委員会[Committee and the Youth Monitor]

  • The Committee for Youth Programming aims to improve broadcasting programs aimed for youth and children. The committee conducts research on the relationship between youth and broadcasting, as well as the influence of broadcasting on youth and children. The Committee has six to eight members who are experts in various fields.
  • The Committee examines opinions from viewers/listeners then exchanges opinions with program producers from the broadcasters. It may decide to make public the findings of such investigations in the form of a Notion or an Opinion. In some cases, the Committee may ask broadcasters to review the issues internally.
  • The Committee enlists about 30 junior and senior high school students nationwide to serve as the Youth Monitors, whose responsibilities include submitting opinion report about TV programs they watched, on a monthly basis. These opinions, as well as surveys and research conducted in cooperation with universities and research organizations, are utilized to examine the relationship between youth and broadcasting.
  1. Voices from the Audience

    Audience opinions are examined by the Committee. A copy of the program and related materials are requested for further consideration.

  2. Discussion

    Committee will discuss whether there are problems with the program or any issues to consider. At this point, the program title is not disclosed.
    Committee may also pick up programs to discuss its positive effect on the youth.

  3. Deliberation

    Committee will invite the program staff making inquiries such as the program concept and exchanging views in order to draw up the Committee Notion. The program title will be disclosed then.

  4. Recommendation / Opinion

    When the Committee comes to 2/3 majority, the Committee Notice will become a Recommendation.
    It will be informed to the broadcaster and will be made public.

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