Committee Decisions
(English translations of outline. Full text only in Japanese.)

Committee for the Investigation of Broadcasting Ethics

No. Title Date Broadcaster
45 Opinion on TBS’s “news23” report on JA Group’s employees’ “self-destructive sales” 11-Jan-24 TBS
44 Opinion on “NEWS WATCH 9” regarding bereaved families of people who died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination 5-Dec-23 NHK
43 Opinion on NHK BS1’s documentary program on the Tokyo Olympics 9-Sep-22 NHK
42 Opinion on the fabrication of the questions from viewers on “Oshita Yoko’s Wide! Scramble” 9-Mar-22 TV Asahi
41 Opinion on "Sukkiri" discriminatory remarks on the AINU 21-Jul-21 NTV
40 Opinion on the news report about series of opinion polls with fictitious data 10-Feb-21 Fuji TV
39 Opinion on "The Ninety-nine Walls" unqualified extra casts for the quiz 18-Jan-21 Fuji TV
  Committee Chair Statement on the issue of a program being mistaken for an advertisement 30-Oct-20  
38 Opinion on "Super J Channel" report on the "Gyomu Supermarket" 2-Sep-20 TV Asahi
37 Opinion on "Crazy Journey" "Reptile Hunter" segment 4-Aug-20 TBS
36 Opinion on feature programs produced by QAB and KNB 30-Jun-20 QAB・KNB
35 Opinion on "Kyo Doki!" the Upper House election report 8-Apr-20 HBC
34 Opinion on NHK World-Japan "Inside Lens" report about the "Rental Family Service" 31-Mar-20 NHK
33 Opinion on "Vanished Hero" the fastforwarded video 13-Feb-20 TBS
32 Opinion on "Heartful Summit!" a comment concerning Koreans 24-Jan-20 KTV
31 Opinion on "Kansai Joho Net ten. Mayotte Nanbo in Osaka Juso" a sexual harrasment comment 10-Dec-19 YTV
30 Opinion on "A Future that Begins with Work Reform" a borderline between ad and program 7-Oct-19 NBS
29 Opinion on "Nazotoki Bouken Variety, Sekai no Hatemade
itte-Q!" 2 festival projects
5-Jul-19 NTV
28 Opinion on "Tokudane!" feature story on 2 criminal cases 8-Feb-18 Fuji TV
27 Opinion on "News Joshi" feature story about US Military bases in Okinawa 14-Dec-17 TOKYO MX
26 Opinion on "Hakunetsu Live VIVIT" reports about "Tamagawa Riverside Hills Family" 5-Oct-17 TBS
  Committee Chair Statement on television production relying on the Internet search 8-Sep-17 Fuji TV
25 Opinion on the broadcast of the 2016 election coverage 7-Feb-17 JBA・NHK
24 Opinion on "Pyramid Derby: Who's number 1!?" episode about "How to Differentiate Twins" 6-Dec-16 TBS
23 Opinion on "Today's Close-up" report about the "priest fraud" 6-Nov-15 NHK
22 Opinion on 5 broadcasters and 7 programs about "a deaf composer" 6-Mar-15 TBS・TSS・TV Asahi・NHK・NTV
21 Opinion on "Hodo Station" report on the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant 9-Feb-15 TV Asahi
20 Opinion on "Hoko x Tate" the radio car face-off 1-Apr-14 Fuji TV
19 Opinion on "Sukkiri" report about a lawyer introducing "fake victim" 5-Mar-14 NTV
18 Opinion on "the unauthorized use of recorded audio in interviews conducted by another broadcaster" 10-Feb-14 KTS
17 Opinion on 2 Programs concerning the 2013 Upper House election coverage 8-Jan-14 KTV・TKU
16 Opinion on "Super News Anchor" faking interview video 2-Aug-13 KTV
  Committee Chair Comment on variety program "VS Arashi" using candidate video during election 26-Apr-13 Fuji TV
15 Opinion on "Geinou★BANG The Golden" ("Entertainment★BANG The Golden") 4-Oct-12 NTV
  Committee Chair Statement on "Mezamashi TV" report about the pitfalls of free services 3-Oct-12 Fuji TV
14 Opinion on "news every" report about "Food Radiation: The Safety of Drinking Water" 31-Jul-12 NTV
  Committee Chair Comment on "Ohayo Ehime" the use of an inappropriate telop 27-Apr-12 NHK (Matsuyama)
13 Opinion on "Ariehen Sekai" ("Surreal World") 27-Sep-11 TV TOKYO
Committee Recommendation to the broadcaster, the case of
"P-can TV"
22-Sep-11 Tokai-TV
12 Opinion on 3 cases involving 2 variety programs 6-Jul-11  
"Monday Premier! A Clinic Where You Can Find Your Family Doctor"   TV TOKYO
"Ichihachi" ("8 in 100 million")   MBS
11 Opinion on "Jiron Tairon Sangiin Hatsu" ("LDP's arguments from the Upper House") 30-Jun-11 Nippon BS
10 Opinion on the news report about the "pet business front line" 31-May-11 NTV
9 Opinion on 4 programs concerning the Upper House election coverage 2-Dec-10 ABN・SBC・TBS・BS Japan
8 Opinion on "Hodo Tokushu NEXT" Black Note fraud report 2-Apr-10 TBS
7 Opinion on recent television variety programs 17-Nov-09 JBA
6 Committee Advice on "Shinsou Hodo Bankisha!" broadcasting a false testimony on slush fund 30-Jul-09 NTV
Committee Chair Statement on "7 Days Newscaster" report about dual administration 17-Jul-09 TBS
5 Opinion on "ETV2001 Series: How to Bring Justice to War" part 2 "Question of Wartime Violence" 28-Apr-09 NHK
4 Opinion on broadcast about the remand of the appeal trial for the Hikari City murder case 15-Apr-08 5 Key Stations in Tokyo・NHK
3 Opinion on "Hodo Station" interview with a "former employee" wearing McDonald's uniform 4-Feb-08 TV Asahi
2 Opinion on FNS 27-Hour Television: "Happy Kintoun" 21-Jan-08 Fuji TV
1 Opinion on "Mino Monta no Asazubba!" 2 reports concerning the Fujiya 6-Aug-07 TBS

Committee for Broadcast and Human Rights / Related Rights

additional opinion:*supplementing|**concurring |#dissenting

No. Title Date Decision Description
75 Complaint from a female cast of a local late-night show. 18-Jul-23 Opinion Request♯*
74 Complaint from a pet salon owner on a news report regarding a dog's death.(NTV) 14-Feb-23 Opinion Request♯
73 Complaint against a news report on the Miyazaki arson murder case.(NHK) 18-Jan-22 Opinion No Problem♯
72 Complaint against a reality show from bereaved family member (Fuji TV) 30-Mar-21 Opinion Ethical Problem**♯
71 Complaint against the coverage/report by the state compensation applicant (STV) 16-Nov-20 Opinion No Problem
70 Complaint against news report on the group jump roping ban (Fuji TV) 14-Oct-20 Opinion No Problem
69 Complaint against the special news on the Aum member executions (Fuji TV) 30-Jun-20 Opinion No Problem**
68 Complaint from a former counciler on the news report of his trial (TV Saitama) 12-Jun-20 Opinion No Problem
67 Complaint from a cult member regarding portrait rights (TV TOKYO) 14-Feb-20 Opinion Request
66 Complaint against news report based on the Information Disclosure Law (NHK) 30-Oct-19 Opinion No Problem
65 Complaint against an entertainment news story (TBS) 11-Mar-19 Opinion Ethical Problem
64 Complaint on the birthplace reported in a programs of Chiune Sugihara (CBC) 7-Nov-18 Opinion Request
63 Complaint against a program on the Okinawa Bases protest (TOKYO MX) 8-Mar-18 Warning Human Rights Violation
62 Complaint against a news report of mutilated body in Hamanako (TV Shizuoka) 8-Aug-17 Opinion Request
61 Complaint against a report on Tokyo governor-related news (Fuji TV) 4-Jul-17 Opinion Request♯
60 Complaint by a civil servant regarding the news report of his arrest (TKU) 10-Mar-17 Opinion Ethical Problem♯
Complaint by a civil servant regarding the news report of his arrest (KKT) 10-Mar-17 Opinion Ethical Problem♯
59 Complaint against a news report on STAP cells (NHK) 10-Feb-17 Warning Human Rights Violation**♯
58 Complaint against a special program on the Setagaya Family murder (TV Asahi) 12-Sep-16 Warning Serious Ethical Problem
57 Complaint against a report concerning bicycle accident (Fuji TV) 16-May-16 Opinion Ethical Problem**
56 Complaint against a video involving a stalker incident (Fuji TV) 15-Feb-16 Opinion Ethical Problem
55 Complaint against the re-enactment drama about a stalker incident (Fuji TV) 15-Feb-16 Warning Human Rights Violation**
54 Complaint against news report on a priest fraud (NHK) 11-Dec-15 Warning Serious Ethical Problem
53 Complaint against OGIRI, a variety program (Fuji TV) 17-Nov-15 Opinion No Problem
52 Complaint against news report on an apology press conference (TBS) 17-Nov-15 Warning Human Rights Violation♯
51 Complaint from the member of Osaka Prefectural Assembly (TBS Radio) 14-Apr-15 Opinion No Problem**
50 Complaint from the member of Osaka Prefectural Assembly (NTV) 20-Jan-15   Complaint withdrawn
49 Complaint against news report on the "ash scattering establishment" project (SBS) 16-Jan-15 Opinion Ethical Problem
48 Complaint from a member of a religious cult (TV TOKYO) 14-Jan-14 Opinion Ethical Problem
47 Complaint against news report regarding Osaka City Mayoral election (ABC) 1-Oct-13 Warning Serious Ethical Problem
46 Complaint against news report on the bullying incident in Otsu City (Fuji TV) 9-Aug-13 Opinion Ethical Problem
45 Complaint from a former member of the national examination board (TBS) 29-Mar-13 Opinion Request♯
44 Complaint against news report on lung cancer drug IRESSA (Fuji TV) 28-Mar-13 Opinion Request♯
43 Complaint against news report on the busting of an unauthorized bar (TVK) 27-Nov-12 Warning Serious Ethical Problem* **
42 Complaint by a straw art artist (Fuji TV) 21-Aug-12   Settled during investigation
41 Complaint by the families of Tsunami victims in Minami Sanrikucho (NHK) 17-Jul-12   Complaint withdrawn
40 Claim by an import company regarding the sales of luxury brand bags (TBS) 17-May-11   Complaint withdrawn
39 Claim by an university professor (TV Asahi/ ABC) 8-Feb-11 Opinion Ethical Problem
38 Claim by a functional training instructor (TBS) 16-Sep-10 Opinion No Problem
37 News report on the murder case involving neighbors in Ueda City (TV Asahi) 5-Aug-10 Opinion Ethical Problem*
36 Claim by families of abductees by North Korea (TV Asahi) 10-Mar-10 Opinion Ethical Problem**
35 Claim by the manager regarding the report on the recovery of Ryokan (Fuji TV)     Settled during investigation
34 News report on the implementation of the Worker Dispatching Act (TV Asahi) 9-Nov-09 Opinion Request, proper expression
33 News report on the verdict of a fatal chopstick accident (TBS) 30-Oct-09 Warning Serious Ethical Problem
32 Claim concerning administrative subrogation of a daycare's potato field (TBS) 7-Aug-09 Warning Serious Ethical Problem*
31 News report on the embezzlement in Tokushima improvement area (TV Asahi) 30-Mar-09 Warning Serious Ethical Problem**♯
30 News report on the financial scandal in Hiroshima governor's race (RCC) 3-Dec-08 Opinion Dismiss Website news*
29 News report on nonindictment of Gunma Gyoseishoshi executives (FM Gumma) 1-Jul-08 Opinion Ethical Problem
28 The impartiality and fairness in news report of High Court's ruling (NHK) 10-Jun-08 Opinion Ethical Problem
27 Hidden camera used for coverage on an illegal dumping of industrial waste (FTV) 18-Mar-08   Settled during investigation
26 News report on the Green Pier Nanki restoration project (YTV) 4-Dec-07 Opinion No Problem
25 Claim from the Osaka Buraku Liberation League executives (MBS) 12-Nov-07 Opinion Request, proper expression
24 News report on a Hiroshima dog park (ABC) 3-Aug-07 Opinion No Problem
23 Claim against the description on the TV shedule (TV Asahi) 26-Jun-07 Opinion Request, proper wording
22 News report on an esthetician violating Medical Practitioners' Act (NTV) 26-Jun-07 Opinion Ethical Problem
21 Critic's comment on the Democratic Party's leadership election (TV Asahi) 13-Sep-06 Opinion No Problem
20 Claim by a young aspiring politician (NTV) 26-Jul-06 Opinion Request, prompt respose
19 Claim of a violation of personal right in a variety program (KTV) 28-Mar-06 Warning Human Rights Violation
18 News report on the new "nodding" business (TV TOKYO) 17-Jan-06 Opinion Ethical Problem
17 News report on the closing of a coffee shop (MBS) 18-Oct-05 Opinion Ethical Problem
16 News report on administrative measure to an obstetrics clinic (NHK Nagoya) 28-Jul-05 Warning Serious Ethical Problem
15 News report on a victim of a stalking police officer (Nagoya TV) 10-Dec-04 Opinion No Problem
14 Misleading editing of jeering scene in the Diet (TV Asahi) 4-Jun-04 Warning Human Rights Violation
13 News report on the correction of verdict given to a middle-school teacher (UHB) 14-May-04 Warning Human Rights Violation♯
12 News reports on Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly election (TYS) 12-Dec-03 Opinion Ethical Problem♯
11 Complaint from "The War Crimes against Women Tribunal" interviewee (NHK) 31-Mar-03 Opinion Ethical Problem**♯
10 News report on an industrial wastes disposal company in Fukui (NHK Fukui) 10-Dec-02 Opinion No Problem
9 A figurative comment by guest commentator (TV Asahi) 30-Sep-01 Opinion Mishandling the claim♯
8 News report on an accident involving Kumamoto hospital staffs (TV Asahi) 26-Mar-02 Warning Human Rights Violation♯
7 News report on internet schools (NTV) 17-Jan-02 Opinion Ethical Problem♯
6 News report on child prostitution related video (Nagoya TV) 30-Jan-01 Opinion Ethical Problem♯
News report on child prostitution related video (TVA)   Opinion Ethical Problem♯
News report on child prostitution related video (CTV)   Opinion Ethical Problem♯
5 News report on a car loan fraud (itv) 6-Oct-00 Warning Human Rights Violation♯
4 News report on trouble with neighbors (Fuji TV) 22-Dec-99 Opinion Ethical Problem♯
3 News report on a alleged assault by university rugby team member (NTV) 17-Mar-99 Opinion Ethical Problem♯
News report on a alleged assault by university rugby team member (TBS)   Opinion No Problem
News report on a alleged assault by university rugby team member (Fuji TV)   Opinion Ethical Problem♯
News report on a alleged assault by university rugby team member (TV Asahi)   Opinion Ethical Problem♯
News report on a alleged assault by university rugby team member (TVTOKYO)   Opinion No Problem
2 News report on a kindergarten (NHK) 26-Oct-98 Opinion Ethical Problem
1 News report on the San Diego incident (NHK) 19-Mar-98 Opinion No Problem
News report on the San Diego incident (TBS)   Opinion Ethical Problem
News report on the San Diego incident (TV Asahi)   Opinion Ethical Problem
News report on the San Diego incident (TVTOKYO)   Opinion Ethical Problem

Committee for Youth Programming

14 Recommendation on Variety Programs that use Pain to draw Laughter April-2022
13 Committee Chair Statement on "Shiawase no Jikan" (Tokai TV) March-2013
12 Request on disaster-related news and the effect on children March-2012
11 Request on news reports concerning drug problem and the effect on juveniles November-2009
10 Warning Statement on the display of child nudity, especially boys' genitals April-2008
9 Committee Opinion on the "mental and physical violence imposed on cast members" October-2007
8 Request on programs depicting young girls as sex objects October-2006
7 Request on news reports concerning violence and killing involving children December-2005
6 Request on programs with blood types profiling April-2012
5 Recommendation on "programming for children" March-2004
4 Committee Opinion on consumer financing ads and the effect on children December-2012
3 Committee Statement against media regulation and an appeal to the broadcast June-2002
2 Recommendation on news reports concerning shocking incidents and the effect on children March-2002
1 Committee Opinion on variety programs November-2000

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