Broadcasting Ethics Committee

The Committee for the Investigation of Broadcasting Ethics(Established in 2007)


  • The Committee for the Investigation of Broadcasting Ethics, with eight to ten members who are experts in various fields, aims to improve broadcasting ethics and program quality. The committee acts on opinions from viewers/listeners, news coverages and report from the broadcaster. It determines whether ethical problems exist by investigating how the coverage or production was conducted. Decision is based on whether the broadcaster’s code of ethics and programming standards were followed. When necessary, the Committee will issue its “opinion” which will be made public.
  • Additionally, it acts on aired programs with allegedly falsified content that may have created grossly misleading impressions on viewers/listeners by performing investigations to find out whether ethical problems exist. Results of such investigations are publicly announced in the form of “recommendations” or “opinions.” It also has the authority to require broadcasters to submit a report of measures designed to prevent the recurrence of such problems and how these measures are being implemented.
  • BPO has an agreement with each broadcaster to define the scope of authority vested in the Committee and to ensure the effectiveness of its actions by requiring cooperation and compliance from the broadcasters.

Report from Broadcaster

Audience Opinions

Press Reports

Committee Discussion

Deliberation (ethical issues)

Proceeding (falsified content)

Investigation and Hearing

Committee Decision(Recommendation, Observation, Opinion)

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